multimedia installation

"Projected onto a corner wall and floor, Scott Roberts’ Devil Cat (2001) is a dark-humored installation whose three-dimensional illusion coalesces only when viewed from the proper angle. The rendering of its black-and-white feline protagonist—a weird cross-sampling of Felix the Cat, Batman, and Calvin and Hobbes’ “Stupendous Man”—recalls the stark, spotlit look of early cartoons. Pacing in a circle like a prisoner, this stylized character is trapped between representation and reality, present and past; the 3-D projection of what should be a flat cartoon image onto real room architecture renders it strangely visceral. Heightening this limbo-effect is the audio track, simulating the loud, metronomic clopping of the cat’s feet “on” the floor—in waltz meter, no less."

- Barry Blinderman, "Out on a Phantom Limb" from "The eShow" catalogue

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